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Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) continues the successful streak of organising international fashion campaign HKFG (formerly Fashion Guerilla) since 2013 by turning the spotlight on Hong Kong designers in the Paris Fashion Week this season.


The creativity of Hong Kong design talent will continue to shine in front of an international audience of buyers and media in the Fashion Week through the special program HKFG Edition. Two homegrown labels PONDER.ER and THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER present their Autumn/Winter 2021 collections in two solo digital presentation in the Paris Fashion Week.


About the collection

For the past year, all of us have been forced to stay home for an unusually long period due to the pandemic situation. The “work from home” experience has allowed us to have more time to explore the most familiar place. Yet, this place may also be somewhere we paid the least attention to in the past. It is so easy for us to take it for granted and miss out the fun and loveable parts of it. Giving them time to explore, the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection is inspired by the concept of “home”. Many details are being inspired by the elements of furniture, tiles, pattern, texture and technique etc.

Whipstitches have been applied in different styles, inspired by how the designer’s mother repaired the torn sofa. Highlights include wool short jackets, collar long coats and A-line skirt, all in square patchwork that take references from the sofa chair surface. Houndstooth pattern in cracked surface and furry texture has been used on sailor collar coats and wrapped long skirts, interpreting the texture of the ripped sofa. Also, tile pattern-inspired buttons have also been applied in the designs.

The designers not only got inspired by the elements of the home decoration but also ran through the old photo albums, digging up many interesting family stories. They want to build around classic pieces and transform them with a modern touch. The traditional flare pants are updated with a contemporary and rebellious touch, resembling their fathers’ 90s attire. However, home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. To resemble the atmosphere of “home”, neutral colours of navy, khaki and black are invigorated by brighter tones, such as lemon chiffon, sky blue, antique brass, and quill grey to create the cosiness.




Film by Benny Woo
Still Photography Issac Lam
Produced by Anais Mak



Chui Chai
Gigi Cheung
Sabrina Cheung 
Takuro Hama Cheung
Leung Pak Ting
Marco Li
Kim Minhyeok
Sho Giersztein
Katherine Cheng

Music 'Rotina' by Soda Plains  


Styling SK Tang 
Styling Assistant Kate Mak 
Hair Him Ng, Peter Cheng 
Make Up Heisan Hung, Vanessa Wong
Lighting Chan Chin Ho, Cliff Chik
Lighting Assistant Charlene Bo, Theodoric Wong
Projection June Law

Thank you

龍圃花園 Dragon Garden, 李韶博士 李梅以菁博士 Dr. Shiu Lee  Dr. Jennie Lee, 恩光書院 Lumina College, 梁永泰博士 Dr. Wing Tai Leung, 陳栢麟先生 Mr. Patrick Chan, 陳炳賢先生 Mr. Benny Chan, Lousy, Dio Lau, Tara Lee, Tsang Yu, Whitney Chan, Ken Yeung, Elizabeth Kezia, Bloomy Tse, Naomi Wang

Presented by Fashion Farm Foundation

Film on location in Hong Kong







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