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Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) continues the successful streak of organising international fashion campaign HKFG (formerly Fashion Guerilla) since 2013 by turning the spotlight on Hong Kong designers in the Paris Fashion Week this season.


In the time of the new normal, HKFG Paris SS21 takes part with local designers in the current trend to turn fashion shows online, merging traditional and digital elements in an unprecedented, trailblazing way. ANAÏS JOURDEN, PONDER.ER and THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER will present their SS21 collections in three solo Digital Presentation.


Have we all been spoonfed by the media into thinking that there’s only one way men or women should look or behave? PONDER.ER SS21 collection “PLEASURE TO BURN” explores and plays with the stereotypical notions of masculinity and gender roles commonly seen in vintage cigarette commercials in the 1950s & 1960s. Toying with these classic visual clichés and outdated (quite often politically wrong) slogans, PONDER.ER offers a playful twist to how the media has shaped these social constructs in relation to gender.


Featuring softened cowboy-inspired looks and diverse personalities, PONDER.ER presents its imaginative label-free world, celebrating gender fluidity and the pleasure of self-expression. As a cigarette break to toxic masculinity and restricted gender roles, go on a ride with PONDER.ER as this smooth yet rich genderless flavour flows through to you.


Film Production: TEO STUDIO by Daniel Teo & Tanley Lau

Photography: Ken Ngan

Styling: Inggrad Shek

Set Design & Production: POINT STUDIO

Styling assistant: Remki Arashi

Make-up: Jenny Shih & Eddy Liu

Hair: Winky Wong & Him Ng

Voiceover: Asher Norris

Models: Amy Tong, Jack Ip, Jasmine Cheuk, Juliet Cheung, Pakting Leung, Takuro Hama Cheung

Belts in collaboration with SWEETLIMEJUICE

Crochet Cowboy Hats by Elaine Lip

Print & Illustrations: Angus Kiu

From Studio PONDER.ER: Valerie Lai, Neville Lam, Candy So


Presented by HKFG Paris SS21 Organizer: Fashion Farm Foundation

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