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F5 is the VIP guest of FFFRIDAY from space. In its planet, everyone appears the same every day. There is no “fashion” to be seen. F5 never thinks of its own image, not to say styling… until one day, it received a random signal about FFFRIDAY by chance. FFFRIDAY aroused its curiosity since they shared similar names. It all started when F5 decided to pay a visit to this place called “Hong Kong” on earth to find out what was happening there...


Upon its arrival, F5 was very impressed by different fashion styles available in the city. It was obsessed with works of Hong Kong fashion designers and couldn’t wait to learn more about fashion and style, presenting its thoughts and personality. Since then, F5 was present in every FFFRIDAY event, exchanging ideas with designers and creative talents to explore the secrets behind the Hong Kong fashion scene. It will continue to be around in various forms, just like the street posters and banners popping up around Hong Kong.


Hit your “F5” key on your keyboard, and REFRESH.

FFFRIDAY Club Opens Your Eyes.

Boring fashion shows are out. FFFRIDAY Presentation was held in a hidden underground Chon Shing Game Center, and Fringe Club in Central.


2 locations, 6 fashion labels were presented in their respective styles - street style, and artsy installations. Guests, presenters, and designers were playing arcade games together at the event, during which they could feel the actual fashion products up-close and exchange creative ideas.


The labels featured were








With a collective focus on zero-waste for the event, designers showed their takes with various settings.

Not just anybody. All of the 33 ambassadors represent a variety of the creative industries in Hong Kong. They are the hidden creative gems in town, and this is the time for you to discover these talents. They include actor and ex-architect Kenneth Tsang, music legend DJ Kulu, fashion icon Hilary Tsui, I.T. Director of Merchandising-Womenswear Tracey Cheng, tattoo artist and model Jade Chung, SCMP Senior Culture & Style Correspondent and Contributing Editor Jing Zhang, and more.


They came together with the FFFRIDAY Creative Team and shot 19 fashion documentary photos, featuring 20 Hong Kong elite fashion labels. Every image has a distinctive story. Each ambassador represents his or her creative industry and generation - from young musicians and new faces with strong personalities, to talents who work behind-the-scenes in the advertising and media fields. Through creative styling with them, their respective stories were narrated in a visual manner. Building up the fashion scene with Hong Kong’s creative designs, we aim to bring excitements and surprises to the audience.

Not just any shop. Art retail settings are infused in each of the two experiences, with the first one co-organized with i.t Blue Block at their shop space in Hysan Place, and the second one jointly held with Tower 535.


i.t blue block X FFFRIDAY

Handpicked by i.t blue block buying team, participating brands include KENAXLEUNG, Matter Matters, MODEMENT, The World Is Your Oyster and ZOEE. A 70-pieces black and white retro barbers’ poles installation together with an animated photo-booth were set up on the shop floor, for shoppers’ interactive experience.

Date: 29 Oct - 8 Nov 2017

Location: i.t blue block, 6/F Hysan Place, Causeway Bay


Tower 535 X FFFRIDAY

Fashion products by Berayah, Cecilia Ma, Curtis Li Studio, MISCHA, methodology P’IA, Reo Ma and Vanessa Tao were available at the shop. In a raw concrete space, products were displayed in metal scaffolding structures. Together with the neon light installations, it gave an edgy artistic atmosphere.

Date: 17 Nov - 1 Dec 2017

Location: Shop G01, G/F, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay ​

3D fashion exhibition with a documentary twist. FFFRIDAY Ambassasdor Photo Art Director and Stylist Inggrad Shek tells stories of 33 ambassadors via avant-garde images while featuring 20 Hong Kong fashion labels, shot by Leungmo. All of the photos were taken in different obscure parts of the city, including the 6000sq ft. underground Chon Shing Game Center in the heart of Central and the world’s largest multi-level air cargo terminal Hactl. Yes, they are all in Hong Kong. Did we open up your new eye?

It was a secret, and we want you to know. The first FFFRIDAY Music secret party was co-organized with the world’s largest multi-level air cargo terminal, Hactl. Yes, that was where we partied, with DJ Kulu and DJ Arun R’s amazing tunes arranged by our Music Partner YourMum.


Date: 10th November 2017, Friday

Venue: Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl), Super Terminal 1, 9 Chun Wan Road, Hong Kong International Airport


The second round of music party was co-organized with Tower 535, with YourMum being our Music Partner. UK band Yellow Days came to Hong Kong to perform at the event and showed amazing support to local creative fashion scene. FFFRIDAY Club continues to open your new eye.


Date: 1st December 2017, Friday

Venue: G01, G/F, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay

Art is key. In collaboration with contemporary artist Wong Ping, a monthly Journal was published on City Magazine and as street posters around Hong Kong with his iconic illustrations introducing 20 selected Hong Kong fashion labels and FFFRIDAY’s special guest F5 from space. Get your imaginations started and follow through the stories of each issue along with F5’s discoveries of these fashion brands.

Get social at . Designed by renowned website design house Sans, the interactive platform covers all events and information about FFFRIDAY fashion campaign, the best of the best Hong Kong fashion labels, and creative talents in town. You can view the out-of-this-world FFFRIDAY Ambassadors’ photos there as well, and it is definitely somewhere for you to discover Hong Kong’s gems.

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