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Start from 8 Sep 2017

Hong Kong holds countless hidden creative gems, especially in the fashion industry. These talents’ works are of outstanding international standards that are too good not to be known. With an initiative to advocate the promotion of Hong Kong fashion designers, integrating art, music, and technology, the campaign offers one-of-a-kind experiences in discovering Hong Kong’s very own creative talents.

In view of this, Fashion Farm Foundation launched FFFRIDAY campaign to showcase these gems to foster Hong Kong’s fashion creative recognitions.


FFFRIDAY = Fashion Forward Friday, Fun Fabulous Friday, Friday Friday Friday…

Fridays are for fun inspirations - Hong Kong fashion labels are definitely part of it!


Start from 29 May 2015

In order to promote local fashion brands to the general public, Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) is presenting the brand new project FRIDAY.


This four-month FRIDAY programme will bring over 40 local independent brands, showcasing the unique aesthetics of Hong Kong fashion, into Hongkongers’ closets and wardrobes through platforms such as bazaar, exhibitions, window installations, and social media.


12 December 2014 - 31 January 2015

Succeeding the applause-winning Fashion Forward Festival 2013 (FFFest). FFFest carry forward the good tradition in Fashion Forward Festival 2014. To enich the month-long FFFest 2014 and display fashion innovation, advanced elements have been introduced to the events originated from last year. FFFest 2014 serves as an interactive hub to gather all enthusiastic fashion lovers with cross-disciplinary engaging events namely catwalk shows, live music, fashion showcase, workshop, etc.

Fashion Forward Festival (FFFest) is a month-long program to cultivate cutting edge and contemporary expressions in the fashion world. This is going to be an annual cross-disciplinary event featuring local and international fashion designers, artists, musicians and performers. FFFest is packed with a wide array of events including runway shows, live music performances, installation in exhibitions, etc.

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